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Farming Together’s online courses aim to develop collaborative understanding in Australian agriculture. Our first course aims to help people understand the variety of collaborative models, particularly co-operatives, prior to formation. It is designed for our farming groups and consultants and is currently open for FREE to the public.

Additional courses may be offered through this site in the future. Farming Together is working with agricultural organisations to identify training needs and develop additional services.

  • Co-op Builder 2 – Starting Up (no certificate)

    2 Lessons

    New co-operatives need to get their business started and embed performance measures. This self-paced (60-90 minute) course (Module 4 of Co-op Builder Training) will help you establish operations and measure your co-op’s success. There is no certification requirement but, for clear understanding, users SHOULD complete Co-op Builder 1 (either with or without a certificate) before accessing Co-op Builder 2. Resources provided will assist registered co-ops with governance and business management.

  • Co-op Builder 1 – Understanding Co-ops (with certificate)

    6 Lessons

    This course is certified for Farming Together consultants. Farmer groups can take either the certified or non-certified course.
    This self-paced (2-3 hour) online course (Modules 1, 2 and 3) will help you to understand some fundamental concepts prior to forming a co-operative. Farming Together consultants must take this course. Farmer groups may wish to take the non-certificate course if the quizzes are too difficult. Each module includes two 10-minute video lessons and a Knowledge Quiz of 10 questions. You must pass a quiz to proceed to the next lesson. TIP: Download the ‘Lesson Notes’ before watching each video and track where you are with the ‘Course Overview’. Give Feedback on this course.